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Buy domain: desired name with different domain extensions

Whether for your own website, the individual e-mail address or an international online shop: A domain can be purchased at with just a few clicks and at a permanently low price. Simply enter the desired name for your domain in the domain check and choose from numerous top-level domains your preferred combination. During your domain search checks in a few seconds whether your desired domain is still free and also provides you with further suggestions as to which alternative domains you can still buy. Before you decide you should compare different domains and think about which one best suits you and your company or product. Combine your domain as needed with one of our product packages – such as the home page builder, a webshop or a hosting package.

Provider change without fees

Moving your existing domain will not cost you any relocation or processing fees and can be done online: just enter your domain name into domain check. If you click on Check , the menu item “Move” appears behind your domain name . Choose this option; then takes care of all further formalities. All you need to do is submit the AuthInfo code that your old provider tells you to

Reserve a succinct domain for your website

A well-thought-out choice of the Internet address forms the basis for a first-class corporate presence on the Internet. Therefore, before you reserve a domain, you should ask yourself a few questions that will help you find the right web address:

  • Company name or industry – or both? 
    Do you only want to represent the company name in the domain or the industry?
  • Long name or abbreviation? 
    If your company has a long name, can it be shortened?
  • Regional, supraregional, international orientation? 
    Where would you like to work? Do you sell products only over the Internet or do you have a store in a specific region?

Secure domain: With company name and / or industry reference

The main question is: Has your company already achieved a certain level of awareness outside of the internet, so that enough people interested in search engines search for the company name? Then you will also succeed with your company name as Internet address.

For companies that are more likely to be niche, we recommend that you secure a domain that not only includes your company name, but also a combination of the most important term in your industry, the most important product name, or your local services. The search engines will help you to find more potential customers for your company website or online shop.

For example, if you work in the catering industry, it is advisable to choose a meaningful, custom-fit domain extension. You can choose between “.restaurant”, “.club” or “.poker” as well as “.pizza” in case you run a pizza delivery service.

Long company names and abbreviations

Your company name is very long and you do not know how to place it in the domain? Maybe there is already an official abbreviation or it can introduce such a clever. In this case, we advise you, in addition to the domain with the long company name to buy a domain that contains only the abbreviation. The short name can then be easily passed on to the long name, so you can be reached at both Internet addresses. Advantage: In the best case, users have to type considerably fewer letters in the address bar of the browser in order to access their website.

Local, national and / or international

If you have an international clientele, not only the actual domain name is important, but also a top-level domain that matches your language or country. For example, for customers in the US, a .com domain is more appropriate than a domain ending in “PK“. If you are also active in Spain, France or Switzerland, it is worthwhile to create a version of your Internet presence in the respective national language and with the appropriate top level, .fr, or .ch.

Take advantage of the possibilities of the new domain extensions

With the new domain extensions , you can often put both the company name and a local reference and an industry reference in the domain: For example, combine your company name with an industry ending like “.immobilien” or “.store”. But you can also connect your industry with a local extension like “.berlin”, “.bayern” or “.nrw”.

Also reserve domains with typos

Also, when searching for a domain, remember that many netizens might mistype the web address: the most common typos could be to book as a domain and pass it on to the address with the correct spelling to prevent other web site operators from intercepting potential customers. This will also prevent the misuse or damage to your name.

Use domains with umlauts

Meanwhile, umlauts and other special characters can be displayed in most domains. Straight umlauts like “ä”, “ö” and “ü” belong more to the usual flow of writing in Germany than the bulky combinations “ae”, “oe” and “ue”. You probably do your customers a favor by thinking of the usual spelling with umlauts. Under the following link you will find an overview of which top-level domain you can use which special characters – a relief for your individual domain query.

Register multiple domains also allows the registration of a larger number of domains. You do not have to worry about the registration formalities at the various points of sale (eg DENIC for a .de domain or Verisign for a .com domain); does it for you. Put all domains at once into the shopping cart – after successful order you can usually use them within a few hours.

You would like to make your business known on the Internet? Benefit from the numerous top-level domains for e-commerce: Whether you have a .shopping portal, a .pizza service or a .coupons website – offers a wide range of domain extensions for you Your success on the web.

Redirect domain and e-mail addresses

Registering a domain with brings you many more benefits, because you can easily redirect and redirect your website with us:

  • With an A record for IPv4 or an AAAA record for IPv6 , you will redirect your domain to another domain. .
  • With an MX record , you forward your mail address (which has been adapted to the domain name) to another existing one.

These records are practical if, for example, you already have an Internet presence with another provider (eg “”) and your most frequently used e-mail address is hosted by a free-mail provider. With your own domain and the mentioned redirection and forwarding options, you can easily and quickly bring order and uniformity to your website: your page with the vendor can then be reached under your own domain and the e-mail address also fits to the domain.

Desired domain registered: How to continue?

After registering your desired domain on you can decide how you want to proceed with it. offers you various professional solutions for different purposes:

  • You can secure your own domain without the associated web space and, for example, redirect it to an existing domain.
  • You can add a hosting package to your domain and either install your own HTML pages or numerous open source applications for blogs, editorial systems, wikis, etc.
  • By ordering a homepage kit package, you have the opportunity to create your website in just a few steps without programming knowledge and publish it under your own domain. Around 75 industry templates give you a quick start.
  • You can link your domain to a webshop package that allows you to easily and quickly create your store so you can sell your products online quickly and easily. All webshop rates include hands-on marketing tools and other services that help you increase your revenue.